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We aim at empowering rural people through education, fostering an eco-system for sustainable rural livelihood, and developing competencies towards leading a happy and meaningful life.  Read more about us.




 ["Charaiveti :Keep moving, keep moving”]


                                   - Maharshi Veda Vyasa,

                                     The Mahabharata

  • Multilayer Vegetable Farming

  • Growing up Medicinal Plants

National Commission for Women, Government of India Sponsored State Level Seminar on Unequal Pay: Gender Discrimination at Workplace

  • Awareness Campaign
  • Donation Camps
  • Free Schooling

Health Awareness Programs

Social Support

Tribal Cultural Programs

Owing to reach cultural heritage of a large number of tribal communities of the land through their dance, music, festivals, rituals, aesthetics, crafts and sustainable lifestyle, we resort to revive and preserve the legacy.

We organize one cultural program every year on performing art to promote and support the local artists.

We presume strong social support measures including hospitalization of critical patents, organising crowd funding for the needy, taking care of helpless, financial support to poor, legal aids, resolving out issues on irrigational facilities and so on. We keep constant endeavor to reach out the poor and underprivileged in need of emergency.

Health Awareness Programs are designed to address the school-goers and households regarding the practices of basic hygiene and maintenance of healthy lifestyle through different Health Camps.  Participants are explained their roles and responsibilities in their home and locality to adhere correct health and hygiene practices. The program is crucial for the COVID19 pandemic situation


Training Programs

Annual Sports Meet

Yoga Camps

Yoga Camp is our annual program where basics of asanas and exercises are practiced by the school goers. Sometimes, we take the aids of audio-visual clippings to demonstrate right postures, breathing techniques and correct sequence. Primary focus of the Camp is to enhance Yoga awareness among the local people and strengthen human immunity system. In 2019, we have set up Swami Vivekananda Yoga and Meditation Centre to promote the activities.

VEC Trust organizes Annual Sports Meet since its inception during the Diwali festival in the village Rautora. It is 2-3 days program where nearly 20-25 sports events are conducted by a dedicated Annual Sports Committee. Approximately 100 to 150 participants take part in different events. A prize distribution ceremony for all the winners of the sports events is organised at the end followed by a tiny cultural program.

Presently, we are organising three hands-on training programs - Fishery, Mushroom Cultivation and Organic Compost Preparation through VECT Mushroom Cultivation Training Centre and VECT Bio-Farm each year to enable local youths to lead a sustainable livelihood.  The training modules encompass basic knowhow, scientific procedure and live demonstration. and Experts on the respective fields are invited to train and disseminate knowledge to the participants.

Regular Programs & Activities

Plates of Food served

Children Provide Free schooling

Covid-19 Distressed People Supported 

Exposed to Health & Hygine Awareness

Lives Changed and Counting....

  • Monthly Nutritional Lunch Programs (MNLP)
  • Research Work on Gender Inequality

Upcoming Activities



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National Commission for Women, GOI

sponsored one day seminar on Gender Inequality


Covid19 relief for disadvantaged rural people


Health awareness Camps for women


Cloth Donation Camp


Tribal Cultural Program: Santali Dance


Annual Sports Meet


Medicinal Plants Plantation




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